2019, what a year…

I’m happy it’s 2020. Unbelievably so. I think it’s because of all of the possibilities I envision when I think about a new decade. I don’t remember feeling like this when 2010 rolled out. Maybe it’s because “the ’20s” just sounds so much better than anything we called the past two decades?

2019 was a year where many things evolved in my creative life. After years of being limited in pursing artistic goals, I was suddenly in the right place at the right time to “aprovechar” the opportunities that appeared…

Exhibiting work with the Monochrome Guild around the city.
Shooting large format film for the first time.
Making some small -but wonderful- upgrades in my darkroom.
Attending a photogravure workshop at SNAP.
Finally accessing a UV exposure unit and printing cyanotypes.
Humbling myself by revisiting my drawing skills.
And of course, heading to Red Deer Series Summer Arts School for a full week of encaustic photography training with Shary Bartlett.

Learning to work with these new formats and mediums were dreams over the past 5 years, that I thought I could achieve by 2025 or 2030. I thought I’d have to leave the province or country for training, or wait until things changed in my life so I could obtain gear and materials. But somehow, things happened and I didn’t have to go far from home.

I don’t know how the stars aligned for this all to happen within my means in the past year, but I’m thankful it did.